Lower Back Pain

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Lower Back Pain

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Lower back pain causes more disability today than any other condition in the world, and one-quarter of all American adults experienced lower back pain in the last month.  At OmniSpine Pain Management, board-certified and fellowship-trained Andrew Morchower, MD, MPH, offers interventional spine and pain management and physical medicine and rehab for comprehensive solutions for lower back pain. Learn more today about the full spectrum of nonsurgical solutions by calling the Frisco or Mesquite, Texas, office, or click on the online scheduler to make an appointment.

Lower Back Pain Q&A

When do I need to see a doctor about lower back pain?

Lower back pain is quite common, so you might think that you simply have to deal with it. However, you should know that lower back pain isn’t normal. It’s a symptom of a problem in your spine, and it’s treatable. Signs that you need to see a doctor for lower back pain include:


  • Back pain that persists longer than one week
  • Radiating back pain that spreads to your lower body
  • Back pain alongside tingling or numbness in your legs or feet
  • Difficulty performing routine tasks
  • Back stiffness along with the pain
  • Swelling along with back pain


Some people with back pain also have neck pain, making it even more challenging to function day-to-day.


Fortunately, you can take control of back pain and return to your normal activities with treatment.

What kind of doctor should I see for lower back pain?

You can go to your primary care physician for short-term back pain, but longer-lasting pain requires an approach tailored to the problem.

At OmniSpine Pain Management, Dr. Morchower specializes in the musculoskeletal system, including the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. He’s the ideal provider to diagnose and treat your lower back pain.

How is lower back pain diagnosed?

Lower back pain diagnosis starts with a thorough review of your medical history, a symptom review, and a physical exam. You might need diagnostic imaging (X-rays, an MRI, a CT scan) or other tests.


If Dr. Morchower suspects that your pain is caused by the discs between your vertebrae (spinal bones), you might need a discogram. This minimally invasive procedure injects a contrast material within spinal discs to determine where your pain originates.

How is lower back pain treated?

OmniSpine Pain Management offers a full spectrum of noninvasive and minimally invasive lower back pain treatments, including:


  • Chiropractic care
  • Physical therapy
  • Toradol® injections
  • Corticosteroid injections
  • Nerve blocks
  • Rhizotomy (radiofrequency ablation)
  • Coolief* (cooled radiofrequency)
  • Lysis of spinal scar tissue (adhesions)
  • Spinal cord stimulation
  • Minimally invasive lumbar decompression (mild® )

OmniSpine Pain Management focuses on the latest advances in nonsurgical lower back pain management. The practice guides you to a complete recovery, and you’ll even have Dr. Morchower’s cell phone number so you can reach out for help anytime.

Call the nearest OmniSpine Pain Management today or click on the online scheduler to make your appointment.