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Back Pain Specialist

Back Pain Treatment in DFW, Frisco and Mesquite TX

Struggling with back pain? The severity of back pain can range from acute to chronic. Acute back pain usually lasts for a short duration, typically a few days to a few weeks, and often resolves with rest, self care, and pain medications, hot or cold packs, and gentle exercises. Chronic back pain stays for months and may require a more comprehensive approach to management. At OmniSpine Pain Management, we can help. For more information, contact us today or visit us at a location near you. Our clinics are located in Frisco, TX, and Mesquite, TX.

Back Pain Specialist Near Me Serving DFW, Frisco and Mesquite TX
Back Pain Specialist Near Me in Dallas, Frisco, and Mesquite TX

Table of Contents:

What kind of doctor do you see for back pain?
How do I know if my back pain is serious?
Is there a treatment plan for back pain?
How do I know if I will need surgery for my back pain?

What kind of doctor do you see for back pain?

There are various types of doctors and healthcare professionals that can assess and treat back pain. Most general practitioners, family physicians, or primary health care providers are able to consult with you about your back pain, and in some cases recommend or refer you to a specialist for further treatment. A physiotherapist, for example, is a health professional who oversees physical, exercise, and injury-related therapy, and may be able to help with your back pain. A surgeon who specializes in back or spinal injuries, which could fall under the umbrella of orthopedic or neurosurgery, may also be an option.

At OmniSpine pain management, our practice is led by Dr. Morchower, a board-certified fellowship-trained in pain and pain management as a result of many different conditions. Our team offers a comprehensive suite of services and treatments that can address the symptoms and various potential causes of your back pain.

How do I know if my back pain is serious?

Back pain is common, in that most people will probably feel mild or moderate pain or strain in their back at some point in their lives. We’re all familiar with the soreness you might feel after lifting heavy things or spending a long period of time crouched or bent down, for example.

While back pain can be common, in general it should be taken seriously, regardless of the cause or severity. Even if your back pain is mild, it’s important to rule out that nothing more serious is going on. It’s also important to understand the cause or activity that is driving your back pain, so you can avoid further injury or reinjury. With that said, you will know back pain is serious if it significantly impacts your day to day functioning, or the pain is severe enough that your overall quality of life is impacted. If you’re unable to move a certain way, or at all, without significant pain, then you should seek treatment and advice from a professional or specialist. In some cases, your back pain may be the result of an accident or injury, in which case you may need medical attention right away, or hospitalization. In that scenario, a specialist may consult with your care team, or it may be a good idea to seek out a specialist after that portion of your treatment is completed.

Is there a treatment plan for back pain?

In most scenarios, yes. Your treatment plan may be something as simple as over the counter pain medication, exercise therapy, or lifestyle adjustments and at-home therapies recommended by a professional.

At OmniSpine Pain Management, we have a variety of treatment plans and therapies available to help with the symptoms and cause of your back pain. Our treatment plans range from steroid injections, spinal cord stimulation, medication management, and so on. We take a comprehensive approach by learning about your overall health history as well as your back pain history, and we work with you to decide the best treatment plan that will have you feeling better as soon as possible.

How do I know if I will need surgery for my back pain?

Whether or not you need surgery for your back pain depends on a variety of factors, the most important one being the thorough analysis and advice of a specialist. In some cases, surgery may be able to relieve or help treat your back pain, but this is an option that should be considered only if it will bring the most benefit to you as a patient. At OmniSpine Pain Management, we use a variety of minimally invasive treatments to help with back pain of various causes, and if surgery is an option for you, we will help you get the information for this next step. For more information, contact us today or visit us at a location near you. We serve patients from Dallas TX, Frisco TX, Mesquite TX, Plano TX, Garland TX, Forney TX, Cedar Hill TX, and Denton TX.

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