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Fluoroscopic Guided Spine Injections

Fluoroscopic Assisted Spinal Injections Specialist Serving DFW, Frisco & Mesquite TX

Are you looking for a Long term pain relief? Fluoroscopic assisted procedures are performed with the assistance of a visually aided computer system and x-ray equipment. Fluoroscopy is usually used for injections into deeper parts of the spine and joints. Our clinics are located in Frisco, TX, and Mesquite, TX. For more information, Contact us today or book an appointment online. We serve patients from Mesquite TX, Frisco TX, Desoto TX, Dallas TX, Plano TX, Garland TX, Forney TX, Cedar Hill TX, and Denton TX.

Fluoroscopic Assisted Spinal Injections Near Me in Mesquite and Frisco TX
Fluoroscopic Guided Spine Injections in Mesquite and Frisco TX


Fluoroscopy is a type of x-ray machine that allows for the physician to view real-time imaging of the internal structures of the body. With the assistance of a radiology technician, Dr. Morchower is able to guide a special type of needle safely and accurately to the correct location. Fluoroscopic guided injections are used for a variety conditions, especially those that involve the spine. When treating spinal conditions, precision and accuracy are paramount, so fluoroscopy is often the method of choice when injecting the spine.

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