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Pain Specialist in Frisco TX

Pain Specialist in Frisco, TX

If you have a headache, chest pain, or any kind of pain that has started to affect your daily life, you can get help from a pain management doctor. Our Pain Specialist in Frisco, TX will prescribe you medicines or some rehab facilities. Our clinic is located at 8380 Warren Pkwy, Suite 100, Frisco, TX 75034. For further guidance and information, contact us or book an appointment. 

Pain Specialist Frisco, TX
Pain Specialist Frisco, TX

Table of Contents:

What is a chronic pain condition?
What happens when pain is not treated?
What are 3 different types of pain management?
What is the most common treatment for chronic pain?

There are many things that cause chronic pain. It can be started by an illness or an injury, or surgery that you have recovered from long ago, but still have pain associated with it. There may be a cause of pain that is ongoing, such as cancer or arthritis. Many people suffer from chronic pain without having had a previous injury or illness.

What is a chronic pain condition?

Chronic pain is a condition that is long-standing and persists past the usual recovery period or happens with other chronic health conditions, such as arthritis. Chronic pain can be continuous or sporadic. It may affect people in such a way as to prevent them from working, taking part in physical activity, eating properly, or enjoying life. Chronic pain is a medical condition that needs to be treated.
When pain becomes an issue that interferes with daily life, you may become a victim of a vicious circle. Constant or regular pain can make you preoccupied with it, making you depressed and irritable. Depression and irritability can lead to insomnia and tiredness which makes depression, irritability, and pain more pronounced. This is referred to as the “terrible triad” of sleeplessness, sadness, and suffering. The drive to make the pain stop can lead some people to become drug dependent and drive others to want repeated surgeries or to seek out questionable treatments. The situation is not only hard on the person dealing with the pain, but can be hard on their family, as well.
Chronic pain is a major medical concern that can and should be treated.

What happens when pain is not treated?

Chronic pain that is left untreated can have far-reaching consequences that go beyond the physical sensations of ongoing discomfort. Research indicates that untreated pain impacts a person’s life physically, socially, and financially.

Chronic pain can change brain circuitry and lead to the deterioration of gray matter, increase the sensitivity to pain signals, reduce the brain’s ability to release natural painkillers, and can cause emotional changes like depression and anxiety and can cause cognitive deficits. Chronic pain that is left untreated can lead to a host of medical problems, malnutrition, immobility, and the increased risk of falling. When pain is effectively treated the negative effects on the brain may be reversible.

What are 3 different types of pain management?

There are a number of ways that pain can be managed. Here are three areas that are often used for treating pain.
Pain medicines are often the first source of pain management for many people. They may use over-the-counter medications or prescribed medications to treat pain. Most people at some point in their life will use these. Medications work well for acute pain, and in some cases of chronic pain, they can be effective, as well.
Other forms of pain management that do now require medications are physical therapies and psychological therapies.
Physical therapy will focus on using things like hot and cold packs to reduce inflammation, massage, exercise, and hydrotherapy. Physical approaches can also include methods of blocking pain signals.
Psychological or mental approaches to pain management are other sources of dealing with pain. The methods can be cognitive behavioral therapy, relaxation techniques, mindfulness, and meditation.

What is the most common treatment for chronic pain?

The most common treatment for chronic pain is probably the use of medications to treat pain. Many people will choose to treat their pain on their own. Another form of treatment that people often choose to manage pain is massage. Helping the muscles to relax and reduce inflammation can help alleviate much of the pain.
Working with a pain management specialist can provide a wide range of options for dealing with chronic pain. Medications, therapies, and other treatments are available to alleviate many forms of pain. OmniSpine Pain Management has experienced staff who are trained in treating chronic pain and pain issues. You can visit us at our clinic located at 8380 Warren Pkwy #100, Frisco, TX 75034. For further guidance and information, contact us or book an appointment.  We also serve our patients from Frisco TX, Mesquite TX, Desoto TX, Dallas TX, Plano TX, Garland TX, and Denton TX.

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