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Bursitis Treatment Specialist

Bursitis Treatment Specialist Serving DFW, Frisco, Sunnyvale, and Mesquite TX

If you are noticing pain and swelling around the joints, your bursa might be flared up and inflamed to the point it needs medical treatment. Contact OmniSpine today to book your bursitis treatment. For more information, Contact us today or book an appointment online. Our clinics are located in Frisco, TX, Sunnyvale, TX, and Mesquite, TX.

Bursitis Treatment Specialist Near Me Serving DFW, Frisco, Sunnyvale and Mesquite TX
Bursitis Treatment Specialist Near Me Serving DFW, Frisco, Sunnyvale and Mesquite TX

Table of Contents:

What causes bursitis to flare up?
What are the symptoms of bursitis flare-up?
What happens if you leave bursitis untreated?
What are my treatment options for bursitis pain?

What causes bursitis to flare up?

Bursitis occurs around the joints, can be noticed with swelling, and is quite painful. It is a small, fluid-filled sac that is known as the bursa, this is what causes the swelling and pain. It is more common to have bursitis flare-ups in the shoulders, elbows, knees, and feet. Many individuals have a higher chance of having a bursitis flare-up if they have a job or hobby that requires them to put a lot of stress on their joints.

Bursitis flares up when the bursa becomes irritated due to overuse or excessive pressure caused on the area(s). This pain often causes the bursa to become inflamed, and build up over time, or it can occur suddenly. Each individual who deals with bursitis has it happen differently.

With over 150 bursae all around the body, many will develop bursitis in the joints that are being overused each day, which is what causes the pressure, these areas are:

• Shoulders
• Elbows
• Knees
• Feet
• Hips
• Buttocks

The most common activities that often lead to bursitis flareups include:

• Carpentry
• Gardening
• Painting
• Raking
• Poor posture
• Scrubbing
• Shoveling
• Sports

What are the symptoms of bursitis flare-up?

The most common symptoms that occur with the sign of bursitis:

• Pain during movement especially around the muscles, bones, and joints
• Limited range of motion
• Swelling
• Redness
• Warmth in the area
• Fever
• Chills

If you are noticing redness, fever, chills, and warmth in the area, it is most likely a bursitis infection is occurring.

What happens if you leave bursitis untreated?

If the bursitis is left untreated, a few complications can occur including:

Chronic pain

Chronic pain can occur in untreated bursitis which leads to the permanent thickening or enlargement of the bursa that is already inflamed and can cause chronic inflammation and pain.

Muscle atrophy
Muscle atrophy occurs in long-term reduced use of the joint which then will lead to decreased physical activity and loss of the surrounding muscle mass.

You can prevent bursitis from occurring by the following:

• Learning to either correct your posture or technique for sports or work
• Avoid sitting or kneeling for long periods of time, these positions are what put a lot of pressure on the joints
• Maintaining a healthy weight will help to reduce the pressure put on joints
• Use cushions and pads if you need to kneel down or put weight on your elbows
• Ease into new exercise routines or activities to avoid injury
• Taking breaks when you are doing a repetitive task will you not injure yourself

What are my treatment options for bursitis pain?

It is best to see a specialist if you are dealing with signs and symptoms of bursitis, they can provide treatment and monitor the area to ensure it heals correctly or provide further treatment measures if it doesn’t heal properly or at all.

Before your appointment, you can help kickstart the healing process at home by:

• Elevating the area that is injured
• Icing and heating the area
• Take pain medications to help relieve any pain

Advanced treatment options to help bursitis flareups include:

• Antibiotics if you are experiencing an infection
• Physical therapy which will help to increase the range of motion in the joint
• Occupational therapy to help you learn to move in ways that will not cause additional stress to the area
• Injection of corticosteroid medication which will help to decrease any inflammation and pain quickly; and
• Surgery to repair the bursa if the other advanced treatments do not work within six months to a year

If you think you may be dealing with bursitis, contact OmniSpine Pain Management to speak to our specialist Dr. Andrew Morchower for diagnosis, treatment, and information on how to correct it, so it won’t happen again. Visit us at a location near you in Mesquite, Sunnyvale, and Frisco, TX. We serve patients from Dallas TX, Frisco TX, Mesquite TX, Sunnyvale TX, Plano TX, Garland TX, Forney TX, Cedar Hill TX, Denton TX, Balch Springs TX, and surrounding areas.

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