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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment Q&A

Some common symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome include hand numbness, sensation of pins and needles, wrist weakness, and hand clumsiness. If you notice these symptoms, treatment is available for carpal tunnel syndrome today! Dr. Andrew Morchower at OmniSpine Pain Management is here to help you. For more information, Contact us today or book an appointment online. Our clinics are located in Frisco, TX, and Mesquite, TX.

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Table of Contents:

What is carpal tunnel treatment?
What are the symptoms of carpal tunnel?
What is the fastest way to get rid of carpal tunnel?
Will carpal tunnel go away on its own?
Where can you find carpal tunnel syndrome treatment?

What is carpal tunnel treatment?

Symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome should be treated as soon as possible after they appear. There are a variety of treatment options, such as wrist splinting, medications, therapy, injections, and surgery. Those with mild to moderate symptoms that come and go for less than 10 months are more likely to benefit from splinting and other conservative treatments. Health care providers should be consulted if you have numbness in your hands.

Nonsurgical methods may help improve carpal tunnel syndrome if diagnosed early. Nighttime symptoms of tingling and numbness can be relieved with a splint that holds the wrist still while you sleep. Despite only wearing the splint at night, it can also help prevent daytime symptoms. If you’re pregnant, nighttime splinting may be a good option because it doesn’t require medication to be effective.

In the short term, NSAIDs, such as ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB, others), may relieve carpal tunnel syndrome pain. However, there is no direct evidence that these drugs may improve carpal tunnel syndrome. Corticosteroids, such as cortisone, may be injected into the carpal tunnel to relieve pain. These injections are sometimes guided by ultrasound.

By reducing inflammation and swelling, corticosteroids relieve pressure on the median nerve. Injections of corticosteroids are considered more effective than oral corticosteroids for treating carpal tunnel syndrome.

Rheumatoid arthritis or another inflammatory arthritis may cause carpal tunnel syndrome, so treating arthritis may reduce symptoms. The use of surgery may be appropriate if symptoms are severe or do not respond to other treatments.

By cutting the ligament pressing on the median nerve, carpal tunnel surgery relieves pressure. It is possible to perform the surgery either endoscopically or openly. To view inside the carpal tunnel, your surgeon uses a telescope-like device with a tiny camera attached (endoscope). Through one or two small incisions in your hand or wrist, your surgeon cuts the ligament. To guide the tool that cuts the ligament, some surgeons use ultrasound instead of a telescope.

During the first few days or weeks after surgery, endoscopic surgery may cause less pain than open surgery. To free the nerve, during open surgery, your surgeon makes an incision in the palm of your hand over the carpal tunnel.

What are the symptoms of carpal tunnel?

Pressure on the median nerve is what actually causes carpal tunnel syndrome. On the palm side of the hand, the carpal tunnel is a narrow passageway surrounded by bones and ligaments. A compressed median nerve can cause numbness, tingling, and weakness in the hands and arms. Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by the anatomy of the wrist, health problems, and repetitive hand motions.

What is the fastest way to get rid of carpal tunnel?

During the early stages, simple things you can do for yourself may be able to solve the problem. Rest your hands more frequently, avoid activities that make symptoms worse, and apply cold packs to reduce swelling, are ways to improve the condition. These are home remedies for immediate relief of carpal tunnel however, seeking treatment early gives patients the best opportunity for a prompt and full recovery.

Will carpal tunnel go away on its own?

As soon as carpal tunnel pain appears, it is unlikely to go away on its own without treatment. Surgery is not the only option, however. Physical therapy, splints, stretching, and behavioral modification are recommended for early or mild cases of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Where can you find carpal tunnel syndrome treatment?

Carpal tunnel syndrome treatment is available at OmniSpine Pain Management Clinics. Dr. Andrew Morchower and his staff specialize in pain management treatments. OmniSpine Pain Management Clinics works with each patient to develop a custom treatment plan to help meet their treatment goals. For more information, call us today or request an appointment. You can find our clinics in Mesquite, and Frisco, Texas. We serve patients from Mesquite TX, Frisco TX, Desoto TX, Dallas TX, Plano TX, Garland TX, Forney TX, Cedar Hill TX, and Denton TX.

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